The lift is a Roman invention | Vilber

In our day-to-day activities, we use certain gadgets that have become a complete part of our lives. One of these gadgets or inventions is the vertical lift, which we never seem to miss until it breaks down and we have to take the stairs up to our house, which normally would not be a big deal, but when we are carrying groceries or pushing a baby stroller, that’s when it takes a lot of effort.

Everyone knows that the Romans are responsible for many of the inventions we enjoy today. One of these inventions is the lift. The Romans quickly realized how uncomfortable it was to climb stairs and carry heavy loads with them, so, after several attempts using pulleys to lift the heaviest of materials up to great heights during construction,  it occurred to them to try this idea with people.

When they were ready to put this invention into practice, who would be the first person able to enjoy this luxury? The emperor, of course. It was, in fact, Nero who first installed one in his luxurious palace called the “Domus Áurea” which means “House of Gold”.

It goes without saying that the mechanism used for this lift was not the same as is used today. This lift was made of fine woods and its mechanism was a cable upon which a number of slaves would  “gladly” (or so the Emperor believed) pull.

At that time, the control panel to which we are accustomed and which allows us to control how we move from one floor to another was a simple bell, used to alert the poor slaves to the need to start pulling or to stop at a certain height. Marks were placed on the cables they pulled, and these marks let them know when the lift had reached and lined up perfectly with the desired floor.

But, let’s not for a moment believe that this ancient Roman lift was unsafe; it was, in fact, equipped with a fail-safe system which prevented a tremendous fall in case of accident. The safety of the Emperor above all!

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