Vertical Lift Madrid

Apparently, the history of passenger lifts, service lifts, and vertical lifts in general can be traced back to the Egyptians, who raised the pyramids, and, later, to Archimedes, the ancient Greek mathematician and engineer, who built the first prototypes of these devices.

History offers early examples of their use during the heights of the Islamic Empire and during the Middle Ages.

A giant step was taken in the design of these machines when the American Elisha Graves Otis devised a procedure to prevent the cabin from falling in the event the hoisting cable broke.

Vertical passenger lifts and service lifts are a vital necessity in today’s world, not only for the general population, but especially for those people whose mobility is limited for one reason or another.

Indeed, a vertical lift with the capacity to transport a person in a wheelchair and that person’s companion may be the only way to comply with legislation requirements regarding the elimination of architectural barriers in public or private buildings, especially those in which only ramps are installed, a situation that may be rather impractical when significant height differences and multiple floors are involved.

At Vilber Elevación (formerly Creaciones Vilber S.L.), we provide you with the most suitable vertical lift solution, whether it is for a private home or a public access building. From our website, you have access to all the products we offer, not only vertical lifts, but also chair and platform stairlifts, caterpillar stairlifts, service lifts and carlifts and, in general, every type of lift. You can also find out more about their technical characteristics and other data of interest. You can also contact us at

Our highly qualified and motivated staff will work quickly to offer you a solution that perfectly suits your needs with respect to the installation of a vertical lift and with respect to post-sales service. Also: the warranty we provide will cover the equipment up to three years.

Finally, we pride ourselves in being a company that truly collaborates with all people with reduced mobility when it comes to overcoming everyday difficulties, both at home and in places of public access.

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