Curiosities regarding Lifts

Have you ever thought that if it were not for the existence of lifts we would occupy much more space in the world? Have you thought that if it were not for lifts, skyscrapers would not exist?

We will now pay tribute to this useful device, with a brief review of the most important lifts in history.

A lift is a device used to transport people or things vertically. It can be used to go up or down, and in this way we avoid having to climb endless stairs, sometimes carrying our belongings, shopping and even very heavy materials.

The first lift in history probably appeared in the year 236 BC, and it is said that it was Archimedes who came up with this brilliant idea. However, there are literary references that show that lifts had already been installed on Mount Sinai in Egypt.

These lifts obviously did not look the way they do today, rather, they were composed of a kind of cabin held with hemp ropes, and their mechanism was powered by people or animals.