Chair Stairlifts | Vilber Elevación

Ever since 1920, when American businessman and self-taught engineer C.C. Crispen devised the first, somewhat rudimentary, chair stairlift in order to help a friend suffering from polio move from one floor to another, designers, engineers and manufacturers have worked tirelessly to improve and adapt it to fit people’s most diverse needs.

Well, it seems that, in fact, it was the very voluminous King of England Henry VIII who first made use of a device which we could consider the ancestor of the chair stairlift, so that, with the help of his servants, he could move through the chambers of his palace.

Leaving aside the historical data, at Vilber Elevación, we have dedicated ourselves tirelessly – since we first opened our doors in 1995 – to the elimination of architectural barriers in the home and in places to which the public have access.