Home lift

Put a Home lift in your life. Not so very long ago, the idea of installing a domestic lift in our home would have been nearly unthinkable.

Such an idea would have been considered only by wealthy families with extremely expensive homes. But, the times have changed, and today, such an idea is quite reasonable. Over time, and thanks to technological advances, the price of a home lift is much more affordable.

Improving our mobility or the mobility of a loved one in the home, providing greater autonomy for a loved one, and eliminating the architectural barriers that hinder their day-to-day life is already more accessible and affordable for almost everyone.

The domestic lifts that we can find today on the market are no longer limited to vertical transport. In fact, we can find various models of chair stairlifts adaptable to any type of architectural impediment, be it straight, curved, sloped, exterior or interior. Furthermore, installation does not mean major construction works or endless queues in public administration just to get one of those infamous permits.

There are many, many models of home lifts. Classic style or modern, with a variety of finishes for the doors and cabins. And what about safety systems? Once the lift is installed, you will only have to worry about being happy.

At Creaciones Vilber, you can choose the lift that best suits your needs. Our catalogue features a wide range of products designed to remove all architectural barriers in your day-to-day life. We are a leading company in the market, dedicated since 1995 to making your life a little easier and a lot happier.

Do not hesitate to visit our website, www.elevadoresvilber.es. Our consultants are all perfectly qualified and prepared to advise you and answer all your questions. Once we have gathered all pertinent data, our commercial department will prepare and send your quote to you within 24 hours, with no obligation on your part.

Take advantage of our offers. Your home lift in Madrid, or your home lift in Granada, home lift in Malaga and home lift in Seville, always with Creaciones Vilber.