Advice regarding Lifts

In order to safely travel on lifts, there is a set of guidelines the passenger must keep in mind. All possible causes of accidents can be avoided.

There are a number of pieces of advice that we should follow:

  • Have a clear idea about where we are going.
  • When we enter the cabin, we should press the desired floor or direction button once.
  • Most lifts are equipped with a bell or signal that indicates that we have arrived at our intended destination.
  • When the lift is very full, we must observe and respect the maximum capacity indicated by the manufacturer, so it is advisable to wait for the next lift.
  • Who hasn’t tried to stop the doors from closing with their hands, feet or any other object? This is actually very dangerous, not at all advisable unless you are looking to have a serious scare. In fact, it is totally inadvisable, whether we are outside or inside the cabin. Most control panels are equipped with a button to Open the Door.
  • In the event of an electrical problem or fire, do not use the lift. In these situations, the power supply is usually interrupted, and you could end up trapped in the lift.
  • If you are riding with children or pets, keep an eye on them and try to hold onto them.
  • Respect the basic rules of etiquette, such as entering and leaving slowly and carefully, letting passengers out before entering the cabin, standing at the back of the cabin to let others in, etc. By following these simple rules, we can also prevent the occasional accident.
  • Every lift is equipped with an Alarm button and an intercom. At the first sign of operation failure involving the lift – that is, the doors do not open or the lift is stopped between floors – press this button. The Alarm button on the lift panel is there so that we can get help when needed. If we get stuck in the lift, qualified personnel will come to help us right away.

By following these basic rules, we will be sure to avoid the occasional scare. These rules are easy to follow: many of them are just about sharing spaces comfortably and politely with others.